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[CIP] Talked to the specialist

I just talked to Amy, the nurse at Dr. Snape and Shelly's office. Shelly went into preterm labor and is now on bed rest. I'm really going to miss her, but she's still consulting with Amy and Dr. Snape about me. Amy thinks I have another bacterial overgrowth which is causing the distention.  She's probably right because my rash has also come back.  I start Flagyl (the antibiotic) again on Monday.  Also, they're going to see about getting the ball rolling for Enterra (the gastric implant.)  I think I've talked about Enterra before, but just to refresh your memory: Enterra is a small device that works like a pacemaker for the stomach. It is inserted during a laparascopic surgery. It really helps nausea, vomiting, and feelings of fullness.

Amy has a meeting with the Medtronic rep tomorrow (that's the company that makes it) and she's going to talk about my case.  Unfortunately, there are often insurance hang-ups. Before I can be approved for the Enterra, they have to do another gastric emptying study (GES.) That's the one where they give me eggs (EWW) and then x-ray it as it goes through my stomach, every hour, for four hours. I've been scheduled for the GES and a follow-up on August 20th. They can't schedule my GES any sooner, but I'm at the top of the waiting list in case anyone cancels.  For now, we are going to increase my Octreotide dosage to 100 (I'm currently on 50).  They're calling it into the pharmacy right now.  I'm going to start by giving myself 1.5 doses of the 50 to acclimate myself.  Amy said sometimes patients need to go to the ER and get an IV pretty regularly as maintenance and I should maybe consider doing that whenever I feel bad.  She said to keep eating whatever I can, get liquids with electrolytes, get lots of protein, and drink Ensure.  She said get as many calories as I can.

But it looks like the Enterra is going to happen now. I am somewhat hopeful. At least we are working towards a solution. I'm just worried about school and life and stuff. I want to be able to function and I'm not sure I can do that right now. School starts in less than a month. I don't want to have to take the semester off, but I may.