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Squid Pro Quo

This is NOT a blog

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22 August 1985
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Hello. I'm Melissa.

My primary partner is myself.

I'm always pushing my own boundaries. I like to challenge myself--socially, academically, philosophically. My goal is to slowly expand my comfort zone until it extends through the universe.

It is my not-so-secret ambition to take over the world.

Presents for you delicious taste
Enjoy your happy times with this donut

Bzz bzz.
abortion, abortion rights, acting, aesthetics, animals, art, artistic, bach, beading, beads, beauty, bees, beethoven, being silly, being strange, biochemistry, biology, bisexuality, books, boys, candy, catching fireflies, cats, catullus, chemistry, chopin, chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction, chublet animals, civil rights, conservation, covalent bondage, cute things, dancing, environmentalism, epic poetry, erotic poetry, feminism, fiction, frogs, fun, gay, gay marriage, gay rights, gay/lesbian rights, girls with glasses, glasses, growing, hair, hardcore, health issues, homer, homosexuality, horace, horatius cocles, humor, ice-cream, informed decisions, insects, invisible illness, jewelry, kicking butt, kidney stones, kidneys, kittens, lace, latin, latin poetry, laughing, leather, lesbian, lingerie, lizards, lord of the rings, love, lyric poetry, macs, making jewelry, mito, mitochondrial disease, molecular biology, money, movies, moxy fruvous, mozart, music, my big fat butt, nerds, old movies, open-mindedness, opera, orbiting rondelles, ovid, pansexuality, peace, pergolesi, piggies, piglets, pigs, poetry, political activism, politics, power girl, pro-choice, puccini, queer, queer rights, rats, reading, roe vs. wade, romance, rule the world, schubert, science, sex, sexuality, silliness, silly, singing, smiles, soubrettes, squams, squee, squeedgable things, squeedge, squids, strange animals, sunfish, swing, tapirs, the aeneid, the odyssey, theatre, tolerance, trees, v-day, vagina monologues, vergil, vocal performance, vote!, women's rights, writing, yam squam, yammy, yams, yummy stuff,

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