Melissa (beethatbumbles) wrote,


Augh. Ray has somehow gotten a very bad case of fleas. He is teeming with them. I'm confused because we've not had much of a problem with them before and I treated him with Frontline not three weeks ago. I'm assuming it's because he has been spending a lot of time out in the backyard. I feel so bad for the poor guy. Today I gave him a bath and re-applied the frontline so I'm hoping that'll help. I've never given him a bath in the front yard before, but when I brought him out and turned on the water, he took one look at it and RAN back upstairs. My poor buddy. When I put him on a leash and tied him to the porch he was good though. He barely struggled at all throughout the entire process.

I hope this gets rid of them because I'm out of Frontline and I despise fleas.

In other news, it's quite hot and the heat is killing me. Hooray for dysautonomia.
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