Melissa (beethatbumbles) wrote,

Repost to twitter and facebook?

Is there any way to disabled this option for friends-only posts? I realize that this is the internet and there is really no such thing as privacy here, but I'm extremely uncomfortable with the idea.
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Well, you can leave the option off by default and turn it on for public entries, or vice versa--but I'd be surprised if it reposts restricted stuff in the first place. If for some reason it does, a) I would send them feedback about it (you can't be the only one with this issue), and b) it is, at least, mostly just posting a link to a thing that people won't be able to access.
I thought if you don't connect your account to your twitter or facebook, it didn't post them to there. Or am I wrong?
That's also true; I was assuming that she meant that she wanted to use it except in those cases.
I just checked. Not only does it not keep the boxes checked when you select "friends-only," it actually disables the repost options. You couldn't have it auto-repost your locked posts even if you wanted to. :)
Thanks. I appreciate your savviness! (Savvacity?) :P