Melissa (beethatbumbles) wrote,

Ici, enfin

As of noon today, we are in Bordeaux, by way of the TGV from Paris.  From what I've seen of the city so far, it does not disappoint.  It is not unlike Paris--not as metropolitan, of course, but there are the same narrow streets, the same juxtaposition of beautiful old buildings with modern shops and flashing signs.  I'm already impatient to move in with my host family, excited about the prospect of being a student rather than a tourist.  But first, there are sights to see.

Today my mom and I rode their sleek little commuter train to a botanical garden, where I was DELIGHTED to find a large number of bees.  Alas, my camera ran out of batteries so I could not take any pictures of them.  I will attempt to describe them instead.
--Two species of Bombus.  One is black with a beautiful orange butt.  The other is larger, with a white rump, and two yellow stripes.
--A few different Halictids, which look just like the ones here, although I'm sure they are different.
--A striped, smooth bee which may be a Megachilid or something else.
--Apis mellifera, for once, as a native.
--A black bee--maybe a Ceratina?

We also saw a frog, some lizards, and huge numbers of chublet tadpoles.

I am practicing my French, and doing a pretty fair job of it; unfortunately, as soon as I hesitate, whoever I am talking to always switches to English, even though I'd rather muddle along in French.
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