Melissa (beethatbumbles) wrote,


The surgery went fine. Thanks, everyone for the well wishes. I'll be in the hospital overnight. I'm not feeling too badly so far, nowhere near like the last surgery. My pain is being adequately controlled, and it's not too severe anyways. They un-puffed most of the air from me, so that's not too bad. I ate some food and am trying to walk around a bit to get the rest of the air out. There are four incisions, but they reused two from when they put my stimulator in. (Speaking of the stimulator, I had to drive to SF this morning to get it turned off. Hoping to have time to get it turned back on tomorrow--having it turned off is unnerving to me.

I've been pestering the hell out of them asking if I can keep my gallbladder in a jar. I want to be like an Egyptian pharoah of yore. They say it's unlikely, but they'll see what they can do. I'll be pretty sad if I don't. I'm also just interested in seeing what it looks like. Furthermore, it is (or was, I should say) part of me. I'd like to keep it even if it's no longer attached to me.
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