Melissa (beethatbumbles) wrote,


I have to have my gall bladder out before I go to France. I had a really bad attack on Wednesday, for which I thought I was going to have to go the ER (fortunately, it stopped after about 20 minutes) and we don't want to get to a situation where I am in a foreign country and needing surgery.

I'm going to see the surgeon on Tuesday, and the plan is to have the surgery a week from today, if we can make it. That gives me about a week and a half before I leave for my trip--cutting it a bit close. I'm not sure what else to do though. I am annoyed and somewhat stressed about the scheduling of it all, and also somewhat annoyed at some of the logistics--you know, my scars from my last surgery are JUST starting to look good. I'm also amused at the fact that I cannot seem to avoid having surgeries lately. I've had some kind of surgery every year since 2007.

I'm also going to have to miss about a week of work, and I'm really pissed about that, because I'm feeling like I'm JUST starting to get the hang of all the protocols and everything. (Plus, of course, I'm really enjoying my job and don't want to stop.)

Gall bladder removal is a pretty safe, common procedure, and they usually do it laparoscopically.

There is so much to do beforehand. I really need to clean my apartment. Sigh.

If any local people would like to keep me company during my recovery and help out with walking Ray and stuff, it would be very much appreciated.
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