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Jewelery time

So much happened today, I'll update about it later. For now, here's a long-overdue post with jewelry pictures. I have a ton more that I've made in the past few months, I just haven't taken pictures of it yet. I have another show coming up at the end of this month (or is it next month?) and I have to take them before that, so you'll see them pretty soon.

Swarovski crystal, sterling silver necklace. Earrings that go with will come later. I'm going to sell these pretty cheaply, so I hope to sell a lot of them.

Sterling silver and freshwater pearls. I really like this one, it has an art deco look to it. The silver is known as "liquid silver."

This necklace has a bit of a sad story. The chain is handmade and I worked my ass off on it senior year of high school so I could give it to my grandma. She didn't like it at all--I admit it's a little modern-looking, but come on. Then a year later, when she kinda lost her mind and we were helping my grandparents move, it was in a pile with a bunch of trash. It makes me kind of sad to look at it. I hope I can sell it someday.

Another picture of previous necklace. I like it so much I think I'm going to make one for myself.

This one has another kinda sad story to it...I made it for my junior prom. I made the chain by hand, worked on it for a week previously. It's sterling with a little bit of gold-fill in the middle. Nobody noticed it, not even my then-boyfriend. That kinda pissed me off. It doesn't matter because it's still one of my absolute favorite necklaces.

Speaking of gold...I'm thinking about cutting down on the gold stuff I do (which is really not that much anyways.) Silver is a lot more popular right now and gold is more expensive. What do you guys think? I know some of you (ari specifically) only wear silver.

Some chandelier earrings I made recently, with sterling, swarovski crystal, and some stone I'm currently blanking on. Not such a good shot of these.

Again, closer view of the necklace from before.

Handmade sterling silver wave chain (I called it Rosalind Franklin's chain) with Swarovski crystals. Made it two years ago, haven't sold it yet, but no worries. It's pretty high priced, so it's understandable. Plus I think it's a beautiful piece, someone will want it someday.

The most recent in the Sydney-wanted-bridal-necklaces-so-here-I-go collection. It's for the "modern bride." I kinda hated it at first, but it's starting to grow on me. Syndey is one of my consigners, BTW. Pearls, sterling, swarovski crystals.

Earrings to match the necklace. There's also a bracelet, but I forgot to take pictures of it.

Feedback please. Also there will be more soon, I just have to upload them.
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