New jewelry store

I'm not sure if anyone reads this anymore? But if you're out there, and you are looking for a place to buy handmade gifts this season, please check out my new jewelry store on Zibbet that my fiancé set up.

There's not much news to report. I'm tired. I am TAing, working on my research, trying to do career development/find a postdoc, working a freelance job and a side hustle. I don't have much energy to make jewelry anymore, or anything else. Going to try and volunteer for the Georgia Runoffs anyway. I'm tired.


RIP Diana Wynne Jones

I have not updated in a few months, mostly due to life being busy and stressful and horrible and beautiful. I have many things to say which I ought to post about, but right now, I only have time for the one that is currently the foremost in my thoughts.

Diana Wynne Jones, my favorite author, passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Her fans were all expecting this for quite some time, but I am still absolutely gutted over it. I can't quite comprehend the fact that I'll never get to read another new story of hers. I have been a fan of her books for more than half of my life.

Here is a lovely tribute from Neil Gaiman, who was a fan as well (and, in addition, to this, was also a friend of hers).

"It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer."--E.B. White


Dear Seneca,
Please stfu. I get it. Bad oratory stems from bad morals. I don't need another 100 lines of Latin to read. I understand. Please stop pounding it into my head.
Head poundingly,

Another earring sale

Ray has a cyst on his paw. The vet was flummoxed by it--it's not attached, nor is it filled with fluid. We are trying some antibiotics, but I'm worried he's going to need an operation. I've also got a lot of inventory that's old. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, I'd just like to clear it out so I can make room for new stuff. Hence, I'm having a huge sale. Most of these are going for what the materials cost, or less. I just need them out of here, and I need money.

All metals are sterling silver unless noted otherwise.
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Les papillons

Translation (par moi)

The butterflies, color of snow
flying in throngs over the sea;
lovely white butterflies,
When could I
take that blue path through the air?

Do you know,
o beauty of beauties,
My dancer with jet-black eyes,
If they could lend me their wings,
Tell me,
do you know where I would go?

Without taking a single kiss from the roses,
Across the forests and the valleys,
I would go
to your half-closed lips,
Flower of my soul,
And there,
I would die.

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More geneticist news

I called Julia, the genetics counselor, yesterday morning and she promptly called me back (which is highly unusual for a doctor's office.) We've got authorization to sequence my mitochondrial genome from the fibroblasts.

I called Dad to tell him the good news and he was in office hours so he was short with me. He also acted put-upon when I asked when he or Mom could drive me to Stanford to get the bloodwork done and asked if we couldn't get it done on the weekend. He really ought to know by now that doctor's offices aren't open on the weekend. This normally wouldn't bother me that much, but I've been especially sensitive since the whole burden thing a few weeks ago. I just need to get the fuck over that and not internalize it. I'm trying to. I'll talk more about this later--I'm currently sitting in the middle of a hall on campus and if I talk about it anymore I'm going to cry, and I hate crying in public.

I want to reiterate how much I appreciate everyone who commented or even read my last post. This has been an incredibly long and complicated battle, and it's far from over. I know that nobody feels quite the same as I do about this particular issue, but I'm still very grateful to have the support of all my friends. Thank you all so much.

Small pink reminders of hope

I have been pretty miserable lately. It could be the fact that I have a biochemistry exam tomorrow that I don't feel adequately prepared for. It could be that I have not yet passed my kidney stones and it's time to call the urologist, and I also really need to make an appointment with Shnelly. It could be that my apartment is horribly messy and I am too exhausted to clean it. But mostly, it has to do with graduate school. It's been on my mind a lot lately. I am paralyzed with fear over it. I keep wavering over whether I want to apply or not, whether I want to go or not, what I want to do with my life.

Yesterday my dad took me to the Apple store at Bay Street to get my power cord looked at. Surprisingly, they replaced it, which was nice. We were trudging back to the car, which my dad had parked in a place that sold pumpkins, and I was feeling pretty low. Everything just felt overwhelming and bleak. We got into the car and we both remarked upon the fact that it was quite odd that there was a pumpkin patch there. They had a petting zoo, too. "Hey look," I said. "There's animals. There's goats and chickens and..."

A piggy! There was a piggy. I made my dad stop the car, and I jumped out. Coincidentally, I had chosen to wear my piggy hat that day. The other purveyors of the zoo were highly amused. The piggy was cute and snorky, and at first rejected my offer of scritches. "I think she's offended by my hat," I told the man running it. "Try this," he said, pouring a handful of food into my palm. Sure enough, that did the trick. I offered her the food and she gently snuffled it up from my hand, making little grunting noises all the while. I was charmed by her twitching flat snout and constantly-switching tail. She snuffled up all the food, allowing me to scratch her head, while her eyes remained totally focused on the food.

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As we walked back to the car, I still felt despondent, but my mood was somewhat brightened. I was momentarily able to forget about my big, life-altering problems, distracted by a small, pink reminder of simple joys.