Melissa (beethatbumbles) wrote,


I'm thinking about having another sale type post, partially because I want to clear out some inventory, but mostly because I'm very broke. Anyone interested in seeing something like this or should I not waste my time?
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I would buy except, well, I just did and I am broke now :(

Sorry bb, maybe this winter I will get a job and have moar monies to spend on pretty things. <3
Well, yes. :) No worries, bb. I am sending you your stuff soon.
Depending on how much things are, I wouldn't mind seeing what you've got to sell. :) I even just got my ears pierced this past weekend.
Most stuff will be $15-$30. Does that sound like it's in your price range?
Awesome! I didn't realize they weren't pierced before.
Yeah, that price range should be fine. :)

Yep, I just got my ears done. I had them done when I was, like, 3 - 5, but they got infected. I only remember them being red, but my mom said I was in pain and that she had to hold me down on the ground to get them out of my ears. I think despite the fact I can't remember that, it stayed with me because I would always refuse to get my ears pierced. I didn't want to deal with the risk of another infection. Yet, oddly enough, I have 5 tattoos, and that furthers my suspicion that what happened when I was little may have stayed with me... But as a post breakup change, I decided to go for it with my ears. I'd thought about it for a while, talked to various people, etc, so... I'm doing good, so far, with it. :)